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Realtime UHD (4K) to HD Zoom Extraction


DreamCatcher, the pioneer of UHD (4K) to HD replay, enables Productions to capture the action at high frame rates, zoom into multiple points, and freeze the frame at the critical moments. Using the touch screen operation cabability enables replay artists to quickly add multiple keyframes with different zoom scales along the duration of the clip.  Working in combination with the I-Movix UHD (4K) camera chain for example, the DreamCatcher can be set to ingest at either continuous 100fps UHD SSM or non-continuous UHD USM of upto 1000fps. The outputs in both modes are HD 1080i 50/60. 


Replay artists benefit from an LSM style Remote Control Panel with added familiarity of banks for storing clips and playlists. These then can be exported in UHD raster to standard file formats that seemlessly integrate into existing NLE workstations such as FCP, Media Composer and Adobe Premiere.

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