Fletcher London (Europe)
Fletcher London (Europe)

About Us

Fletcher is a Camera Systems provider specialising in Live and recorded TV. With over 25 years of experience behind us, we have solutions suitable for both OB and Studio environments. Numerous clients worldwide call on Fletcher for daily, short term and long term rentals.


Current rental solutions include;


* Sony HDC-4800 - USM 4K and HD

* Sony HDC-4300 - USM 4K and HD


* I-Movix X10 UHD - USM 4K

* I-Movix X10 UHD RF - Wireless USM HD

* I-Movix X10 USM - USM HD

* GVG LDX 86 Xtreme

* NAC Hi-Motion II - USM HD

* SONY HDC-P43 Compact USM 4K and HD

* GVG LDX C86 XS Compact USM HD

* PICO - Compact USM HD

* Ncam - Realtime Camera Tracking

* DreamCatcher - Zoom Extraction


Together with our Parent Company 'Fletcher Group LLC' in Chicago USA, we have been there at some of the biggest Sports and Entertainment Events in broadcasting history. 


NAC Hi-Motion II
I-Movix UHD
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