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I-Movix UHD

I-Movix UHD

Ultra Slow Motion UHD (4K) / HD Camera System


The I-Movix X10 UHD is the industry’s first 4K Ultra Slow Motion Camera System to support continuous Super Slow Motion (SSM), plus Ultra Slow Motion (USM) at up to 1000fps. Utilising Vision Research’s Phantom Flex4K camera with it’s PL mount or B4 mount adaptor, the X10 UHD supports operation in a range of modes to meet differing production requirements. The camera chain can be instantly re-configured for 4K or HD shooting scenarios. 


For high-frame rate Ultra Slow Motion in 4K the X10 UHD operates in USM mode to deliver instant replays of up to 1000fps. For continuous non-stop recording, SSM mode delivers up to 100fps at UHD 50P. When operating in HD resolutions (1080P or 1080i) the X10 UHD offers up to 500fps in continuous SSM mode, and up to 2000fps in USM mode. It’s ability to record and playback at the same time along with a dedicated separate live output means that the camera can be cut-to live by the Director at any time.

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