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I-Movix UHD and HD INFINITE all-time-record

Fletcher London's I-Movix UHD Camera System is now upgraded with the INFINITE all the time record functionality. With only one HD input into any EVS, the INFINITE allows over 1 hour of continuous 'local' recording whilst still providing a clean LIVE to the Director to cut to at any time. 4K LIVE and REPLAY are also selectable.  Upto 3x Slow-Motion in 4K and 12x in HD.


The INFINTE Control panel, which sits next to the EVS panel allows fast navigation of the Camera's ultra slow motion on-board memory, with Clip making and direct clip pushing to EVS available now too.

The Sony HDC-4800 has arrived - Fletcher Group now owns 7


Fletcher London’s most recent & exciting addition is the HDC-4800, Sony’s brand new 4K & 1080P Ultra Slow Motion System. The Sony 4800 System offers 4x/8x slow-motion in 4K and 8x/16x in 1080 with Sony’s brand new CMOS Imager.   


The new but intuitive GUI for the Replay Operator makes producing stunning replays an easy transition for an experienced EVS Operator and with the ability to record up to 4 hours of an event in the base unit, it does not tie up multiple channels of EVS for 'all the time record'.  This with real-time Flicker Reduction replays.

Ncam now has PTZ option


The Ncam camera tracking system now features the new PTZ option. This solution is primarily for broadcasters wanting to use virtual graphics or augmented reality but only require pan, tilt and zoom functionality rather than complete freedom of movement (7D).


Conventional pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) encoded heads provide a good degree of tracking for augmented reality, but are limited to tracking the movement of the fluid head itself. The Ncam solution uses ground breaking core tracking technology whereby it detects subtle movements of the camera itself, not the fluid head. 

PICO Added to our Rental Porfolio

PICO Compact Ultra Slow Motion HD Camera

The PICO Ultra Slow Motion Live Camera System is designed to offer spectacular Ultra Slow Motion and previously unrevealed details from vantage points where no other camera has gone before. The PICO records at up to 300 frames per second in native 1080 HD. The system is based on a 2/3” CMOS 2K chip and guarantees high detail and unsurpassed light sensitivity. The unique de-flickering technology greatly reduces lighting related flicker in realtime. 


Fletcher and EasyLook System have taken the PICO Ultra Slow Motion compact HD camera to new levels by creating a complete camera and replay chain. This includes the camera head, OCP Control of the CCU with rackable Iris, full replay multi block recording and dual single-mode fibre sheds. All of this packs neatly into two compact Peli cases with an accessory kit.

I-Movix UHD now has an RF option for USM HD Productions

I-Movix UHD RF

The X10 UHD can now be used in a wireless configuration for Sports and Entertainment Productions where being mobile and untethered alongside the action captures detail and emotion not seen before. This solution, capturing up to 2000fps, is lightweight, easy to operate and can be fully racked without the need for any direct cable connection. This makes the X10 UHD RF the first USM camera in the world to have this capability.


The RF solution is primarily the replay USM path but there is the option to continuously transmit the live camera signal as well. Racking communication is sent through a separate RF data link and in turn the transmitters can be hard-mounted to the rear of the camera or via a short umbilical to either an RF pole or a self contained rucksack. The X10 UHD RF is compatiable with Vislink and adaptable to a wide range of RF solutions.

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